Friday, June 18, 2010

Another BOY!

Dirk and Kristen had a beautiful baby boy this morning around 8:30am. His name is Townsend Hague (pronounced hay-g). He is 7 lbs. 11 oz. Almost a full pound larger than Sawyer (his brother) was. All are doing well and Kristen is looking and feeling great!

Popsicles for dinner

I had the freezer door open last night getting out dinner ingredients when Gavin grabs the Popsicle box and starts saying "mine". I rationalized with him for a few minutes and promised he could have a Popsicle after dinner, but he continued to cry, reach for the freezer and refuse to eat what was on his tray....the end result...Mommy caved in and Gavin ate chicken/carrots/potatoes/Popsicle for dinner!

At least he ate his carrots!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tandem or Quad-andem?

Scott bought me a tandem beach-cruiser bicycle for my birthday about 4 years ago...and believe it or not it gets a lot of use. It used to get more use from the two of us, before we had babies. More recently it was Scott riding solo to the grocery store or the Kolache Factory...or toting his guy friends to tailgate parties with the front basket filled with beer! Now it is the preferred mode of transportation by a 1 year-old you all might know.......oh, and the front basket is still filled with beer! :) Do you see Scott and Dirk's cooler in the basket!? HA

Do you see that little gray seat just in front of Scott? Well that is called a wee ride. That is normally where Gavin rides. However this weekend Sawyer and Dirk came over and the four boys rode to the swimming pool, so the little guys are in the trailer which is hitched to the back of the tandem. I think this crew needs a bumper sticker warning of WIDE RIGHT TURNS! Can you see the little guys in the trailer with their helmets on? Here is a close up of those two cuties!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Bodies

Hi! We have been busy giving our blog a face-lift and posting our April & May pictures & videos on Picasa. Check out our April and May albums by clicking on Koester Family Photos on the right. After you click on that link you can visit each album by clicking on the name of the album then playing the slide show. Enjoy the photos and videos including London's visits with his uncle Kiffin, aunt Megan, both sets of Great Grandparents on Joslen's side, Mother's day, golf fun, Sea World, boating and the beginning of summer in Austin. Thanks for playing!

Friday, June 4, 2010


In early May we took a family trip to WY/CO to see London's Great Grandparents. These are two very special pictures! Four generations on each side of the family!

Nana Teri & Great Grandparents Kelly & Ardie Bowen

Papa Howard & Great Grandparents Robert & Helen Wigert

Thursday, June 3, 2010

L, L, L & L

London is adjusting to daycare day-by day. Some days he comes home exhausted and naps from the time we get in the car throughout the night barley awakening only to eat. Other days he naps really well at day care and is bright-eyed in the evenings at home. They day care teacher, Ashlie, says he loves to be in the exersaucer (which is a toy in which he can stand. There is a picture below of him in the one at home.)

In London's class there are four kids with names starting with L. In addition to London there is a Logan, Lila, and a Leo. His bottles and belongings are labeled with his full name, not just his initials so hopefully nothing gets mixed up!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

cutie pie!

Baby London....he is SO sweet!!