Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sold! To lucky number 7!

Most of you know we have had our house on the market for ~2 years. We put it on the market before we even got pregnant with London knowing that we wanted to start building a house on a lot that we purchased in a golf course community a few years ago. The past 2 years we have been through 3 realtors, millions of showings, open houses and foot-traffic through our house. Which also meant that our house had to be kept clean every day! That part was trying at times especially with two little boys and two full time jobs on the side. Aside from the painful moments, we also have a few funny stories; like the lady that wanted to bring her dog with her through the house as she previewed it. The kid who puked in the hallway during an openhouse. My pain pills from my c-section going missing. Me nursing London in the backseat of my car in the driveway during a few showing when I was on maternity leave. A realtor locking the neighbors cat in our house thinking he belonged IN OUR HOUSE. Oh the memories! ;)

Seriously, we do have very fond memories of our home. It's the only home Gavin and London have known. We will miss our little old house on Beverly. Which brings me to the subject line of this post. After 6 offers fell through, the 7th contract went through and we sold our house, closed last Friday 5/20 and moved into an apartment while we wait for the construction of our new house to be finished. We anticipate that we will be in our apartment through the end of the year and will probably be making a transition into our new house somewhere around the first of the year. Maybe we will ring in 2012 at xxxx Cxxxxx....we will cross our fingers. Our new permanent address is
xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx
Austin, Texas 78730
Please update your address books accordingly. We have a mailbox there and plan to just have our mail go to the new house rather than the apartment.

For those of you in Austin who want to find us, however, we are living at the Gables Westlake by the 360 Bridge and have a great pool. Come by for a dip this summer!

Best place to work - Austin

Scott's company, Bazaarvoice wins best place to work in Austin....again!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Well treated Mommy

Yesterday was a fabulous Mother's Day! My boys spoiled me with pastries at Upper Crust Bakery following church, then a spa day complete with massage, facial and pedicure. Then we enjoyed splashing in the pool in the 100 degree heat in Austin. I couldn't ask for a better family or a better way to spend my day! I love you, Scott, Gavin & London!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy House

We are so thrilled that our plan to build on our lot in Riverplace is finally happening. We still haven't sold our current house, but we are moving ahead with the hopes it will sell at just the time we want to move out. We can only dream.....

So we closed on our new construction on 4/15 and the bulldozer was there to clear the lot right around Easter. We had a family picnic out at our lot that night so we could catch a glimpse of some heavy machinery. Unfortunately they did their work all in one day and took the bulldozer home with them, so we just picniced in the dust.

Today, however there was a BUNCH of dirt delivered to level out what will be the backyard. So Scott and the boys played hookie to go watch the dump trucks and have yet another picnic (breakfast this time) in the dust. THEY ALL LOVED IT!

Here is the mesmerized crew....

I am going to ask a guest blogger (Scott) to write a post with more details and more fun (if you are in to tractors) really soon. Stay tuned!