Friday, August 13, 2010

July pics

Our July pictures & videos are posted!

* 4th of July
* Bo & Terri's wedding
* Gavin Videos - crawling in crib, eating corn on the cob, counting to 3
* London's 1st cereal
* London Videos - singing, dancing
* Waco zoo
* London 5-months

London's sitting and standing (doing one better than the other)

London is growing up so fast! I can hardly believe he is approaching the 6-month mark! What that means is I need to schedule his 6-month professional photos. (Working on that BTW.)

He has mastered sitting up and can now be considered a "sitter" vs. a "supported sitter" He is eating baby food 2x per day, and he is now working on standing up. Here are a few pics of our sweet baby.

Such a cutie!!

Standing up in between the couch and the ottoman...bouncing like a pinball.

Toddler Bed you know London took over the crib a few weeks ago...after he out grew the bassinet and after Gavin figured out how to climb in/out of the crib and was forced to graduate from it. So Gavin has been in a pack-n-play for a few weeks until his toddler bed arrived. We set up his Big Boy Bed last Sunday and he loves it! He runs in the house when we get home at the end of the day and heads straight for his bed. He loves London to play in his bed with him too.

The first night he fell out of the bed and hit the hard wood floors. :( So we pulled the soft lambs wool rug up to the edge of his bed so he would have a softer landing. The next morning we found him sleeping soundly on the rug at 5:00am! But at 7:00am when we checked in on him he was sleeping back in the bed. Since then we haven't found him on the floor, but that doesn't mean he hasn't had a few more falls.

Here are a few pictures of his new bed.

First nap in his Big Boy Bed - last Sunday 8/8 (me sneaking a picture of him...I found him reading in bed instead of napping!)

First night in his new bed (only fell out twice)

Getting sideways

Happy Birthday, Grandma Ardie!

WE LOVE YOU and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Congrats Lansen & Heidi!

My cousin Lansen got married this weekend to Heidi - I love her!! Congrats you two!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


One of my best friends from college (Nicole Beck)...well her husband Stuart met Rihanna! He just got back from LA where he watched Rihanna shoot a music video for Doritos! That's his job! Stuart you rock!!
The Beck Bunch: Rihanna!: