Friday, March 18, 2011


Sharing a video of each boy, just being a boy.

Gavin: Loves playing with his lacrosse sticks and throwing anything, not just balls. In this video he decides that a small beaver toy needs to be chucked across the living room.

London: Is starting to act like a boy and less like a baby. Here he pushes his tractor and makes a tractor sound with his lips. How do boys know how to do this? I had to learn at the age of 30+ to make this sound and apparently it comes naturally to boys at a very young age.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

B-day and Baptism pics

Our February family pictures are posted at the link below. Pictures include London's birthday, the boys baptism and the boys stay with Nana T while we went skiing. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

London's first steps

Leading up to London's birthday he was taking about 4 steps at a time, but preferred to crawl. The girls at day care would tell me he was taking more steps than that, but he had yet to prove it to his family. Last Tuesday following his one-year birthday he really started walking! I caught it on video as he was headed to the backyard (where all of the toys are). He was pretty determined to get there! Since then we have counted up to 35 steps at one time!! Go London!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Scott and I have been lucky enough to ski twice this year. I haven't been skiing since February 2008 before I was pregnant with Gavin, so it was a treat when Scott surprised me with a trip to Vail in February for a Valentine's treat. We only came away with one picture since we forgot the camera and we broke Scott's iphone camera on the slopes. This one Apres Ski picture is our only proof of Vail. (Thanks to Leelee and Poppy for staying with the boys!)


This weekend we spent in Tahoe with Bazaarvoice (Scott's company). They had a retreat for the sales team and their spouses and Scott was lucky enough to be invited since he support the sales teams (doing product strategy and development for them). We had a great time! Thanks Bazaarvoice! Thanks Nana T for watching the boys this time.

We are so anxious to get home and see our sweet little boys!!

South Lake Tahoe:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our sweet 1 year old!

We can't believe London turned 1 on Saturday! Leading up to his birthday he still seemed like a baby. But Scott and I agree, on his birthday and the days following he seems like he grew up! I guess that is what birthday will do to you. His personality has always been so delightful and fun, but it seems like a little spark was lit and he has been on fire! He started walking on Tuesday (up until then he was taking 4 or so steps but not taking off like he is now). I will post a video soon. But first things first. Here are a few of his bday pictures and his gift from Mommy & Daddy, a backyard splash table.