Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This video was from earlier this month but thought I would share it because it's so cute! Gavin wanted to hold London for bedtime stories. London loves these miniature picture books and was "reading" it to Gavin. On the page he has it opened to there is a horse on one page and a fire engine on the other. Notice London barking at the book, because that is what a horse says - right?! Like I said, this video was from earlier this month. He now has it figured out that a horse says neiiiigh, but so does a sheep.

Monday, June 27, 2011


The boys love throwing balls, swinging a stick and apparently practicing wakeboarding on the couch! We captured them playing together in the living room over the weekend - London playing lacrosse (or just getting dizzy) and Gavin wakeboarding standing on a book on the couch (because the cushions bounce better than doing this fun sport on the floor).

In case you can't make out their words....London starts out saying "cheese" because that is what you do for a camera. And Gavin tells us that he is "wakeboarding to Daddy's boat".